I swear I just won the bread.

Giving back to the open-source community

On the eve of my first DjangoCon, I’m inspired to write about my renewed commitment to open-source.

I’ve benefited so much from the amazing community for Python, Django, Flask, Sass, and just about everything else I use on a daily basis as a Web developer. It’s time I gave something back.

In addition to helping out where I can on Github, I’m actively trying to answer questions on Stackoverflow — this site has saved my ass many times — and here on my personal website. I’m also posting Gists of useful snippets or commands as I create them.

This is nothing innovative, of course. But that’s the great thing about this kind of work: You can jump in at any moment in time, and contribute as you see fit.

And maybe one day, my new baby daughter King will build on the backs of giants as I’m doing now. Then again, we’ll all be robots in the future so there’s that.

Thanks, y’all.

Something old, something new

Change is inevitable.

For a long time now, I’ve been meaning to update my personal website to the latest version of Django and refresh the design. But an addition to cycling, brewing beer, and building a family take precedence.

Fortunately, I’ve found inspiration from my new(ish) day job doing development and strategy for The Variable here in Winston-Salem, NC.

This website now runs on Django 1.6.2 using the open-sourced architecture of Lanyon, made originally for Jekyll. I’m not a creative designer, so this helped me get things rolling in a clean, unobtrusive manner.

The old site, and it’s old content, will be migrated to a new server soon. I won’t port it to this site, but will make it available at a separate domain.

Themes for content on this site will include: Python, Django, web development, data mining, user experience and more. Stay tuned.