I swear I just won the bread.

Something old, something new

Change is inevitable.

For a long time now, I’ve been meaning to update my personal website to the latest version of Django and refresh the design. But an addition to cycling, brewing beer, and building a family take precedence.

Fortunately, I’ve found inspiration from my new(ish) day job doing development and strategy for The Variable here in Winston-Salem, NC.

This website now runs on Django 1.6.2 using the open-sourced architecture of Lanyon, made originally for Jekyll. I’m not a creative designer, so this helped me get things rolling in a clean, unobtrusive manner.

The old site, and it’s old content, will be migrated to a new server soon. I won’t port it to this site, but will make it available at a separate domain.

Themes for content on this site will include: Python, Django, web development, data mining, user experience and more. Stay tuned.